About Us

Dr. Eric Jones and Dr. Frank Brown opened Peachtree City Urgent Care in April of 2009, after working for over twenty years in various emergency rooms throughout the southeast. In their own words, here’s why:

We could not help but notice that emergency rooms were busy places, and over the last few years, had been getting even busier. As the volume increased, so did the waiting times, and it became apparent that people were waiting several hours to be seen by a doctor.

Another trend we observed was that, due largely to cut backs in reimbursement, primary physicians could no longer leave room in their schedules for sick patients. Again, this led to a lot of patients coming to the emergency room simply because they could not get in to see their family physician easily.

From this situation an idea was born. If you or a loved one is sick or injured, it seemed to us that you could be treated much more efficiently and cost effectively in an Urgent Care setting… and it turned out we were right!

At Peachtree City Urgent Care we evaluate and treat injuries such as lacerations, scrapes, back pain, and simple fractures. We also treat such non-emergent conditions as cough, sore throat, flu, vomiting, and pediatric illnesses. For the most part, patients will see the same provider they would see in the emergency department more quickly and at a fraction of the cost. What could make more sense? Call or come in today. Your care is urgent to us.

Dr. Eric Jones
Dr. Frank Brown